Sunday, January 4, 2009

McD Milkshare 'cause no McMilkshake in Thailand !!!

I am not sure that you have noticed that there is no longer McDonald's Milkshake in Thailand ... Therefore, it's a kind of my habit to get at least one cup of Mc Milkshake per my abroad trip -- crazy huh ?!??!

Here it is ... Mc Donald's Chocolate Milkshake (@$2.25) -- so chocolaty, so cold, so milky -- fit for a hot walking day in Singapore!!! I would miss it for long, if I didnot have it ...
These pictures were taken from branch on Scotts Road (near my hotel) ... This is such a big branch of McD since it consists of McD, Mc Cafe, Cold Desserts -- all outdoor seating along Scotts Road (almost 20 metres long, I estimated) and under Shaw Building (where they put each table as growing plants on moutain steps -- below right picture)

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