Friday, January 2, 2009

Shokudo - Street of Japan

This is another example of Japanese Food Bombarding in Singapore (in shopping centre) ... It's new eating place called 'Shokudo - Streets of Japan'. But I have to say that it's such a good idea to have this kind of place existing. It's the place where you can eat any kind of Japanese Food (variety) in one place !!!

Noted that Shokudou in Japanese means restaurant or cafeteria -- Therefore, this place has arranged everything like Food Centre but full of Japanese Food !!!

However, before entering the Shokudo Area, everyone will be individually given a card (similar to credit card) since they charge you whatever you purchase at spot then the payment will be at the end of your eating (at cashier on exit way). This includes a give of reservation sign since you might need to book you table and get food -- otherwise you might lose your perfect selection when carrying food back !!! Wow, I like this system very much !!!

Now, how the inside looks like ??? It's a kind of food court but decorated with Japanese Concept. There are also material of each dishes display (i.e., eggs at omurice or tamago - Japanese Omlette) including product display (the fake one). This is the right way to educate people on their culture about food ...

Food are arranged as category from salty to sweet -- I mean noodle, fried dishes, Nabe (hot pot), rice dishes, Japanese Western Style, Drinks, including alcoholic such as sake

Here are some pictures of real food ...

Shokudo - Street of Japan
Branch 1 :
Basement of The Heeren Shops
260 Orchard Road
(The Heeren is at the corner of Orchard and Cairnhill Road)
Branch 2 :
Basement of The Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
(The Raffles City is near Raffles Hotel)

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