Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tokyo Midtown : Onigiri shop

Tokyo Midtown is a composite urban district with a new style. It comprises a package of six buildings set with greenery. This town features a variety of facilities such as stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums.

Talking about foods & cafe section, I impressed with the B1Floor here. Lots of shops located here under Tokyo Midtown.

One of my favorite shop was an onigiri shop called "Komedokoro Raijinkow" -- There were many types of Onigiri (Rice Ball) from traditional filled with pickled ume fruit (umeboshi), or salted salmon, and any other salty or sour ingredient.

In the big picture, there are two types of onigiri ; (a) salted onigiri wrapped with seaweed (b) white sesame onigiri (c) Oolong Tea
We decided to take seat to have a proper eating since this shops has a space for eat-in at the back. However, more of take away (take home) were preferred. The eat-in seating mood were set as in the past (Traditional Japanese) as brown woody tone.

More information about Tokyo Midtown : http://www.tokyo-midtown.com/en/

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