Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last meal over Japan's Sky

I flew Singapore Airline to Japan -- it was a direct flight from Bangkok to Tokyo. Talking about service, no doubt very perfect !!!
Meal, of course, was also perfect too (even it's economy class) ... They served drinks & snack (peanuts) followed by menu of the meal. Main meal was a mix of oriental & Japanese meal ... What I liked most is that it contained Zaru Soba & Sembe !!!

Note :
- The most basic soba dish is Zaru Soba which is boiled and then make cold noodles. It would be eaten with a soya based dipping sauce (tsuyu), wasabi, nori seaweek, and negi (Japanese leek).
- Sembe is Japanese rice cracker

The last amazing thing for me was ice-cream -- It was not normal ice-cream, but it was a Fauchon Brand !!! Fauchon is a luxury food shop in Paris, similar in stature to Fortnum & Mason in London.

See ?!?!? as I told " You can find any (luxury) brand in the world in Japan" ....
I Love Japan --- Promise, I will be there again ...
Bye Bye for now, Japan ...

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