Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tokyo : Manmaru (Udon)

Talking about fast food in Japan, there are both Western and Eastern (local), and even Fusion fast food. Here is about Local type of fast food named Manmaru. If you see the shop sign, you will know automatically what it all about ...
It's an Udon Shop where you can also get soup and onigiri ... From the sign board, there're so many type of udon (dry or with soup / cold or hot). Note : Udon is a type of thick wheat-based noodle.

Since it is a kind of fast food, there is a cooking station inside counter. Customer would stand outside and order type of udon they want. After staff prepared and sent to customer an udon bowl, custotmer would have a chance to add on (by yourself) -- neghi, even oden, sauce at the spot.

If walking further, there's a shelf with 2 levels of many types of tempura (deep fried battered vegatables or seafood) and kakiage (tempura made up of small shimps, dried cuttlefish, or scallop ...). Here's the final point for customer to add anything it before reaching payment spot.

Talking about the taste, wow it was not like fast food. To me, it's the slow food -- taste like some Japanese restaurant I ever had in my home town ...

This gave me the same feeling like the movie "UDON" that I have seen before. Therefore, what we ordered that day were : (1) Plain Hot Udon (dry) which added tempura & neghi and soy sauce, (2) Kitsune Udon "Fox udon." which is hot udon topped with aburaage (sweetened deep-fried tofu pockets) -- favorite in Kansia region (esp Osaka).

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