Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tokyo Asakusa : Kakiage Shop

This is a "KAKIAGE" shop named Kaminarimon Sansada
-- Kakiage is a popular kind of tempura that is made up of small shrimps, dried cuttle fish, and scallop. It was located in front of Asakusa temple.

This was an old shop (very famous within this neighbourhood) with eat-in service and take-out service. Famous dish would be Kakiage-Don -- deep fried kakiage over rice.

Therefore, we ordered :
1) Tendon Nami : Shrimp Goby Squid Vegetable tempura on rice bowl
2) Tendon Tokujo : 3 Shrimps tempura & small kakiage on rice bowl
3) Nameko-Ziru : Miso soup with nameko mushroom

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