Monday, April 14, 2008

Omotesando Cat Street : Italian Food

There is intersects with Omotesando-Dori called "Cat Street". This narrow Cat Street continued from a major road (Meiji Street). Along down this street, there's an area’s European old-town charm. There used to be a river where Cat Street now runs, so it is a narrow street with lots of twists and turns. It's an ideal for cyclists and pedestrians.

Left side alomost at the beginning of Cat Street, there's one Italian Restaurant (Locanda F.Q. established 1978). This is where I made one of my wish came true -- eating Italian food in Japan.

I would call it -- Italian Food Japanese Style. It's the same as pateserie shop since chef would gain experience in Italian and back to Japan to open their own restaurant (and make it to fit local taste).

Our dinner menu that day began with different type of bread with Olive Oil aside followed by :

1) Various warm mushroom salad (1300Yen)
2) Seasonal vegetables dense sipped soup (400Yen) -- have to say that it's a real mouthful even I just sipped it ...
3) Spaghetti asparagus and fresh tomato (1400Yen)
4) Fettuccine white truffle flavor of porcini mushrooms (1600Yen) -- fresh mushroom with a truffle aroma

Round off our meal with desserts as :
1) Resberry Sorbet (which was served wtih real rasberry pieces)
2) Vanilla ice-cream (which was of course served with strawberry)

Locanda Website (Translate) :

See map to Locanda F.Q. :

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