Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shinkansen cart girls

In Shinkansen, there are cart girls who push the snack and drink carts down the aisle (from carriage to carriage) ...

On the cart, it consists of beverage and light snack ... from drinking water, hot tea, hot coffee, to extruded packaged snack ... and sandwiches. However, there is no Ekiben !!!

What I like about this cart girl is that she will always slide the door before enter the carriage and bow to passenger before entering in. Likewise, she would bow again to passenger before leaving the carriage .... Japanese Culture !!!

Noted that Coffee in Shinkansen Service is brew coffee. However, it was put into small boiler (located at the top of the cart). When I ordered it, she poured directly to the foam cup (JR Central Passenger as I travelled in Japan central area) together with stirer, sugar sachet, small milk cup, and of course tissue napkin -- cost 300Yen.

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Hansa said...

i dunno why every cart girls look so cute..... or it's a norm? Thais need to consider :)