Sunday, April 6, 2008

Asakusa : Agemangu

At Nakamise Shopping Street (which consists of 90 shops selling typical Japanese souvenirs before entering Asakusa Temple), we found famous Agemanju Shop named Asakusa Kokonoe. Note : Agemanju is a deep fried manju, soft cake with red bean paste filling or other types).

Why I said it's famous ??? Because even Japan Royal Family visited this shop (by the picture hanged on the wall) and many languages explained about product (including in leaflet -- English, Chinese, Korean, Thai.
The best fried agemanju should be eaten immediately (in front of sho). However, this shop was very advance on having take-home pack (gift pack) -- allowed 1 week in warmer month or 10 days in the colloer month. I bought one home -- After heating in microwave and toasting a bit, I have to say that it is like an original !!!

More information about product :

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