Friday, April 4, 2008

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

This is a must for me for my visit to Japan. Ramen Museum in Shin Yokohama. Anyone who plan to go there via train, don't get confused between Yokohama Station and Shin-Yokohama Station !!!

Ramen Museum is near (in walking distance) Shin-Yokohama Station which is a train station in Yokohama city in Japan.

Actually, here they use "Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum" which position itself as rumen & amusement park. Ticket cost 300Yen for adult. Once walked past the entrance turnstiles, the first floor is museum exhibits (Noodle making factory, ramen utensil, and souvenir shop). There we found lots of instant ramen (able to take home) and instand ramen around the world !!!

The fun began when I walked down (on two underground levels) which was like a historical theme park. Actually, they made it to be in year 1958 of shitamachi (a typically bustling working-class neighborhood crowded with tiny shops, houses and restaurants.)

If any one read "Nijiiro Ramen" or "Menyatai Road Narutoya", you will love this place ... There are lots of ramen shops from all over Japan : Sapporo, Asahikawa, Tokyo, Yokohama, Wakayama, Hakata, and Kumamoto.

We had to order from ticket vending machine in front of each shop and gave them to the waiter and waited for seating. On that day, we ordered from Fukuchan Shop which was Hakata native (rich taste of white pork broth with mild aroma).

Here's where I made my dream comes true !!!

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