Monday, March 31, 2008

Osaka : Local Food

To eat oneself bankrupt is an expression used to describe Osaka people's obsession with food.

According to a popular Japanese saying, Tokyo people ruin themselves by overspending on fine footwear, Kyoto people on fine clothing, and Osaka people on fine food.

Talking about Osaka Local Food, ones must think of Okonomi-yaki and Takoyaki. My last night in Osaka, I went to this shop where they had local dishes available -- again, I just noticed there's a
reference at the front. It's is now movie star (KUI-TAN). Kuitan is a movie drama (and also manga) combined together "real gourmet - deep knowledge of feed" and "real mystery - crime case". KUITAN is the words “Big-Eating (KUIshinbo)” and Detective (TANtei) combined together.

What we ordered that night were : Yakisoba wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg on hot plate and of course Shrimp Okonomi-yaki ...

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