Monday, March 31, 2008

Osaka : Harbs Cake & Tea House near America-mura

This is one of my dream to eat cake and pastry in Japan. Yes, I saw it in Japanese Programme, Japanese Series, and Japanese Manga.

What I know is that Japanese patisserie normally has experienced in France. When back to Japan, they would develop all cake & pastry to be fit to Japanese customer. That's what I amaze about.

This is the shop in Osaka named HARBS -- I noticed from variety that showing that their patisserie must specialize in mille-feuille-crepe-cake.

Right, this were what we ordered ...

From the picture, the white one is Mille Crape Cake (which is mixed fresh fruit such as strawberry, kiwi, peach, banana) @700Yen while the dark one is Chocolate Crape Cake @680Yen. In terms of tea, we ordered Darlgiling Tea (700Yen per pot) and Tea of the season (at that time is apple cinnamon 750Yen per pot).

The taste of cake is so good -- very light feeling & not too sweet. Each piece of crape is very thin & soft (never felt as paper-like).

This shop (you can noticed by queueing & carpet written with Harbs name on) is one block away from America-mura (American Villege) which is a center of youth culture in Osaka. The streets are crammed with used clothing stores, miscellaneous goods shops, cafes, galleries and more ...

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