Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kyoto : Mochi Udon at Nichiki Market

This is one of my food hunting programme -- followed the route of Maki's Magic Restaurant. Here is Mochi Shop called "Mochitsukiya" in Nichiki Market where they normally sell different kinds of mochi. Mochi is Japanese Rice Cakemade of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape -- it is very sticky.

For this shop, of course, their hero product is Mochi. Therefore, during lunch time (only 11:00 - 14:00), they sell UDON -- Japanese Wheat Noodle cooked in fish broth and seasoned with soysauce.

In the Left picture is Special Udon Set 780Yen which was Udon with grill rice cake, tempura flake, Neghi, and seaweed. It was served with Grilled Onigiri (Japanese Rice Formed into triangle shape) -- in this case, they mixed only with salt. Just only salt, I was able to taste the real flavour of rice ... WOW ...

While the Right picture is Chikara udon or "Power udon" 580 Yen which was Udon with pieces of rice cake (plain & red pepper), minced green onion, and some fish paste. A little hot on Mochi but very tasty.

The shop itself has area of selling mochi at the front with a show of how to make mochi. Inside, is the kitchen follwed by tables with chairs and area that you can sit on the tatami floor.

Shop information :
Tel: 075-223-1717

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