Monday, March 31, 2008

Japan : Soft Cone

I like ice-cream -- therefore, can't help talking about ice-cream or soft cone in Japan.
This is the picture of soft cone in America-mura. I have to say WOW, a lot of flavors ... from normal strawberry to fancy name like -- Strawberry Sundae. Zen Chocolate, Choco Stinger, Choco Mixed, Cookie Cream SP, etc.

The Machine is not like ordinary soft cone, where using the liquid and stir & freeze to be soft ice cream texture. It's plastic tube filled with ice-cream which need only press it down into each cone. That's why they are able to sell various flavor in one shop.

However, there are also normal soft cone ... which I tasted it 200Yen in cripy waffle cone. It was filled from bottom of cone ... yummy, creamy, and not so sweet. See the picture !!!

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