Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Osaka : Ice-cream in Sammy's Ebisu

This left picture I took from Sammy's Ebisu Plaza, Osaka. It's a scoop of ice-cream in cone -- cone here is not in normal shape, it is 2 seperated shells where a scoop of ice-cream is in the middle. The whole thing is in paper sleeve. I have to say, how can this shell be so fresh and crispy ?!?!

Now, about SAMMY'S EBISU PLAZA in Osaka ... It was shown in map as tourist attraction -- refer to that smiley face (as in right picture). It is on Dotonburi (near Big Crab & Glico man -- symbol of Osaka) in 3-4 storey building opportunity Big Crab . They said that delicious food all over Osaka is here !!! The set up is like Old Style Temple Fair or Fun Fair (theme park) -- Have to respect the setting.

On my opinion, don't bother going in ... you can find fresh local food outside !!! Anyway, you can try and see by yourself -- no admission fee, elevator available and only pay cash later after you eat. Check out at :

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