Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kyoto : Yuzu Nabe @ Pontocho Quarter

Pontocho Quarter is a district in Kyoto, known for home to many geisha houses and traditional tea houses. It is 600 metre long and 50 metre wide -- locate near Kamo River (or Kamogawa).

Actually, when I was there, I realized that this is where the crime scene happened in "Detective Conan Crossroad in ancient capital" movie. The movie was talking about one tea houses where Mouri Gogoro and other 3 local characters drunk with geisha. It was mentioned about the plan where murderer planned to put knife across the Kamogawa River ...

Now back to food, I found one shop in Pontocho where they sell Nabe (Japanese Pot Dishes). At this shop, you can called "Donabe" since the pot was traditionally made of clay which can keep warm for a while after being taken off the fire. The soup was based on broth and yuzu. Key selling point of this shop is YUZU -- is one of Japanese citrus fruit with a sour taste & good unique smell. The way to order is to pick what type of meat you need (i.e., chicken, pork, fish, etc) -- no beef since they said it's not go well with their broth. The way to order is that One person for one order, but you can cook/share the pot. For a good combination, I suggest to order vegetable to eat with.

When they served us, they brough fresh pork & fish together in one plate with 2 pieces of lemon. Shop owner said that we could squeeze lemon onto our soup or wherever you liked ...

This shop is very outstanding since there is a big visual of YUZU at the front (even the shop owner and waiter/ess also wear black t-shirt with a visual of yuzu at the back).

What I like most is that this shop open earlier at 17:00 !!!

I have to say " This is my favourite shop -- I like it most among all I ate during my Japan trip in February 2008"

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