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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffee Stall since 1944

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a chain of kopitiams (coffee stall) in Singapore (which is now parts of Asia too). It can be Singapore Breakfast Specials for you since you can get kaya toast with a cup of local coffee (kopi) or tea or even with half boiled eggs here. However, this coffee stall is not an ordinary stall since it now become company including franchisee system.

The company was founded in 1944 by Loi Ah Koon from Hainan, China at Telok Ayer Basin. After 15 years at Telok Ayer Basin, the stall moved to Telok Ayer Market (now Lau Pa Sat). It was renamed Ya Kun which is the Hanyu pinyin equivalent to Ah Koon. The stall remained there until 1984, when restoration works of the Telok Ayer Market began. The stall then moved to the now-defunct Telok Ayer Transit Food Market. In 1998, the coffee stall was passed down to his children and it moved to a new location at Far East Square. Ya Kun International was incorporated in 2001 in Singapore, to expand the chain of coffee stalls islandwide and regionally.

Now talking about their signature 'Kaya' -- Kaya is a sweet egg and coconut jam that is spread generously over toasted bread -- this would be called Kaya Toast. Actually it's similar to Thailand 'kanom-pang-sang-ka-ya'. The difference is Kaya at Ya Kun is thicker and more pale ... The way Ya Kun prepare the bread is also difference since it's a toast (1cm). When it become crispy it will be sliced in half (0.5cm) then put butter (small piece) in one side and kaya on other side. Then both sides will combine back ...

However, there is also an upgrade version of normal kaya toast which is 'French Toast with Kaya' -- French Toast is one kind of breakfast made from slices of bread dipped in a beaten egg mixture. The slices of egg-coated bread are then placed on a frying pan prepared with a coat of butter or oil, and cooked until both sides are browned and the egg has cooked through. French Toast can be served with a variety of toppings, including jam, butter, peanut butter, honey, Marmite, vegemite, maple syrup, fruit syrup, molasses, apple sauce, beans, beef, lard, whipped cream, fruit, tomato sauce, or anything. But here at Yakun, it use kaya with ... but it has kaya inside (in between of 2 slices of bread before frying). You might think it's a bit yucky but I found it's interesting indeed - Eggy Kaya Bread!!!

If we act as their recommendation, we can eat the toast with half-boiled eggs and add a dash of black soya sauce for extra taste. How would you like your eggs? Wet and runny or Runny and Wet? It's true ... it's runny and wet but I don't feel queasy at all ... There is no smell of raw egg, can you imagine right?

Don't forget coffee since it's made with old style (using sock) !!!
It's a latte type of coffee -- as they said Screw the french press, we have got the sock !!! Want a skinny latte? Stop at half cup ... I amaze with the way they manage the take away of coffee since it's in normal paper cup with a plastic sheet (similar to plastic bag material) using as hanger.

Anyway, all the upper pictures came from take away kiosk at Takashimaya Branch. If you are going to the real stall shop, you will get the full picture & feeling like this right-handed picture. It's a full set !!!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
More detail including location visit :
Almost 30 stores available in Singapore -- and also Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam

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