Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Soup Restaurant - China Town Food in Easy Dining Form

This is one of my favorite restaurant in Singapore named Soup Restaurant -- even it's a chain restaurant. I like the concept of this restaurant where they bring an old China Town Cuisine (road side stall) into a modern place (in department store). This is where people can have their native food in quick & easy way (without your own cooking) since the restaurant will cook for with a traditional old way of cooking ... As they said "The Samsui Woman of China Town may have fade away, the legend of our China Town Heritage Cuisine is here to stay and it will remain forever and ever ...".

By the way, who is Samsui Woman ??? There is the history of the Samsui Women in Chinatown as They lived on a subsistence level and only get to eat their specially prepared chicken during the Chinese New Year.

The atmosphere is furnished like an oriental tea house, with bamboo shades and carved wooden stools shaped. The way to order is so systematic -- first you see what you like in menu, then fill in what you need in the filled form. Next the waitress will confirm your order as you marked down. Then wait and all will be served !!!

As it was said from its name " Soup Restaurant" -- the signature dishes are boiled soup but that's not enough ... it's an Samsui Ginger Chicken ...
but we did not order ... Here were what we ordered ...

Two of vegetable dishes which were :
Ar Poh Fan Shu Leaves 8$ (left) -- plain sweet potato leaves fried with black soy sauce with no other ingredients. The reason it was called 'ar poh' or 'grandma' was it's the grandma's favourite comparing to other dish Ar Kon Fan Shu Leave -- it's the 'ar kon' or 'grand pa's favourite since he like the hotter stuff with sambal chilli (which we did not order) !!!
Fried Lecttuce with Oyster Sauce 6.8$ (right) -- as it said a fresh lecttuce with oyster sauce with a taste like soup !!!
Other vegetables are recommended (as in signage -- middle picture)

Now, the soup ... It was belief that herbal soup is an essential to every China town family since it helps restore the health ... Soup at Soup Restaurant is a clear soup type -- everything is so tender due to a long time boiled ...

However, we ordered 'Boiled Soup of the Day' (below) since the waitress said it combines of 3 colors vegetable. Noted Boiled Soup of the Day depends on what the kitchen is boiling since last time I had the lotus root soup ...

Teochew Olive Rice (below) -- Teochew Preserved Black Olive mixes with plain rice ... Black Olive was believe as to stimulate appertite and aids in the process of slimming ... This is my favourite rice dish since it's not oily at all / not salty at all / not stincky at all ... it's the perfect combination !!! Moreover, it was served in bamboo basket to maintain the old Chinese Nature but with plastic cover inside (rolled plastic rim like putting rice in plastic bag first !!!)

There are also meat dishes (below left) ... and also a take away which customers must follow the rule strictly from the signage front of the shop (below right)

Don't forget to try 'Samsui Ginger Chicken' which is prepared in the same traditional way of Samsui China Town Woman. The whole chicken is steamed-cooked for a predetermined duration and temperature, thus maintaining its rich chicken aroma and taste. To eat, dipping the chicken into the ginger sauce and wrapping them with fresh lettuce. Ginger has been used for prevention of 'cold' and relief of the 'wind' in the body.

Soup Restaurant
House of Chinatown Heritage Cuisine
- AMK Hub (Ang Mo Kio)
- Seah Street Bras Basah
- Changi Airport (Terminal 2)
- Hougang Mall
- Jurong Point
- United Square (Novena)
- Paragon (Orchard Road)
- DFS Scotts walk
- Compass Point Sengkang
- Cenrepoint (Somerset)
- Suntec City
- Century Square (Tampines)
- Causeway Point (Woodlands)

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