Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting a trip to Singapore with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) is the national airline of Singapore operates a hub at Singapore Changi Airport. The SIA branding strategy aims to build a mythical aura around the Singapore Girl, and portray her as representative of Asian hospitality and grace. More importantly, I like flying with SIA since even Economy Class, it has personal television screens, footrests, adjustable headrests with side-flap "ears", adjustable seat reclines, and more importantly good food !!!

SIA offers World Gourmet Cuisine in all class ... now, they invited award-winning chefs from around the world to work with airlines own chefs. The famous chefs (including my favourite ones) are : Gordon Ramsay (from UK), Yoshihiro Murata (from Japan), and other chefs from Australia, France, India, and Singapapore. Below are picture of the in-flight lunch (seafood which are shrimps & fish noodles in oriental style). I mean a kind of oyster sauce, soy sauce with a little bit of chilli & garlic ... To make noodle as in-flight meal is not easy since you have to cope with non-dryness or burned part on plate. But this one, I still got the softness of egg noodle as fresh as it just cooked for me.

Now, what happens when you fly during Christmas ??? Of course, Chirstmas Essence is around ... even a decoration inside cabin ... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone ...

Another thing I like for flying to Singapore Changi Airport, there is always a bowl of candy "FOX'S CANDY" which is the same as United Kingdom candy's brand. But this one is exclusively packed for the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ... CHANGI Airport Singapore -- Enjoy the experience ... By the way, FOX'S candy taken in this picture was given to me (a handful amount) from Singapore Custom Officer since she knows I like it a lot !!! Thank you, madam ...

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